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Game Plan 4 The Future

At 4th N Goal, we believe every child should have an equal opportunity to play sports, regardless of their economic upbringing. 


Not only can sports play an integral part in a child's life via skills learned (time management, teamwork, leadership, etc.), but also can provide a distraction and a direction in life, particularly for children from low-income and poverty-stricken environments.


4th N Goal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that strives to make the world a better place by ensuring all children have an equal opportunity to play sports regardless of their economic upbringing. We work hand in hand with local schools to ensure all children that want to play sports have the resources they need to cover their registration fees along with providing any equiptment needed (e.g. cleats, socks, baseball glove, etc.)


 In June 2020, Avery Rhenwrick, the President and Founder of 4th N Goal, started 4th N Long, a clothing brand with the same mission to help children from underprivileged and low-income families play sports. 4th N Long donates 20% of their proceeds to cover these kids' needs. Through sports, these children can lead healthier lives, continue their education and find guidance away from the troubled conditions they are in. Unfortunately, many kids in poverty or inner cities only see athletes, rappers or people in the streets "making it" so if they can't afford sports they turn to negative alternatives. Over its first two years, 4th N Long contributed 20% of its proceeds to an Oregon-based organization supporting registration fees for children. Avery noticed that equipment costs can often be a much larger issue than so he decided to start a non-profit to have an even more intimate connection with those we assist and help with both registration fees and equipment. We want to help provide the foundation for kids to chase their dreams of becoming professional athletes while also showing them there are other roads to success outside of sports.


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4th N Goal is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before, and we are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Below are some of our core activities and incentives. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to create a lasting impact.


Giving Back

    The Future Looks Bright -    

Keeping  Kids In The game

Whether your child is in need of sports equipment (shoes, socks, mouthguard, etc) or help covering registration/ participation fees, we're here to help! 


Showcase and Build Skills While Gaining Mentorship

Our annual youth camp is free to all children, gear bags and food will be provided. Our camps are meant to not only develop skills and keep the youth active, but also provide mentorship through speakers and coaches. 



Gathering the Funds to Giveback to Help the Youth

Fundraising events will be used to raise awareness and funds to support our mission and purpose.

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Donate Now 

Help us make a difference. Every $150 guarantees at least 1 child is in the game!

Thank you for your support!

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