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You Ask. We Answer.

Who do we help?

Anyone that may be facing financial hardship or in need of  help getting their children athletic equipment (cleats, shoes, gloves, mouth guard, water bottle, etc.), covering their participation fees, or other athletic-related costs.

Our Process?

Anyone in need of support for their child can fill out our request form, as long as you meet the requirements and your child is in fact in a sport, we will proceed with getting you the assistance you need. All your information WILL remain CONFIDENTIAL. We ask for an address so we can have your child's equipment, if needed, sent to you. Registration fees will be mailed to you in the form of a check and made out to the school/ program. We also work directly with the local schools to ensure all children have access to the resources they need to participate. 

What do we help with? 

We know that sports can be expensive, not only because of participation fees but also because of the rising cost of equipment. Whether your child needs new football cleats, a water bottle or their participation fees covered, or all three, we have you covered! 

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